AGM (and our Summer 2020 Production revealed)

Venue: 39 Knighton Rd, Otford, TN14 5LD

Start Time: 1300 Hrs, 22/9/19

Official Notice HERE.                      Audited Accounts: HERE

Come along and join up on the spot! Only here can you guarantee to get the first notion of our 2020 productions, and start immediate toadying to the director.

After the big moment, we still have a lot to discuss, with decisions needed  on the way we manage our production activity. The more voices we hear, the more likely we are to get it right!

Anyone wishing to actually join the ranks of the committee should write to us, as we are VERY keen to build a pipeline of talent that will allow us to lop off some of  the old and withered boughs to allow new & vigorous green branches to grow, blossom, and take us to greater heights.

The BBQ!

Venue: 39 Knighton Rd, Otford, TN14 5LD

Start Time: 22/9/19   After all the AGM blathering has finished…..about 2-ish?

Cost: £5 per person and bring something to drink

Those with culinary skills are encouraged to bring a salad or a pudding with them, while those with special dietary needs are requested to bring along their own particular favourite.

Colin’s impenetrable quiz will again confound all but the brightest minds, and there will be a chance to look back at the images from ‘Dream’ on John’s super new computer.

It would be handy to know how many we might be catering for, so Click Here To Email Us

Our 18/19 season.....

……was one of our most successful yet, with My Second Best Bed winning prizes and our summer production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream gathering praise from every quarter…… and let us not forget our wandering minstrels appearance at Ightham Mote…..Bard with a Beat.

Here are more ‘Dream’ images.


The Society was founded in 1997 to promote and enjoy the work of Shakespeare and his contemporaries, giving members the chance to get involved both on and off the stage. We mount a full-scale open-air Shakespeare production once a year, plus participation in Drama festivals, and we try to arrange a variety of activities during the year, such as workshops, theatre visits and social events.

Yes, the yanks can do it too......



Simon Russell Beale

Simon Russell Beale

The Shakespeare Blog has in interesting article on this excellent Actor.

We Dreamed a Dream …. or did we?

We Dreamed a Dream …. or did we?

It's AGM time again!