Twelfth Night Quiz in Lockdown

Perhaps we should do this every year! What a fantastic turnout we had. Fourteen online teams, mostly of five or six people, responded to the call and had, by all accounts, a jolly good time, some even zooming in from a variety of European locations!

Jo wrangled the teams, Seb wrangled the breakout rooms and Colin was, as ever, our excellent Chief Question Master. We even managed a virtual Lord and Lady (Lord and Lord actually) of Misrule, with tape-measure wielding screens offering us Measure for Measure. Questions leaned heavily on books, plays and films, with a surprisingly accurate response to our interval challenge to name the ten longest Shakespeare plays! In 21 years we have only tackled two of them ….

Groan-inducing team names included Tiers of a Clown, Pyramus and Quizbe, Two Gentlemen of Corona and Merchants of Menace. Our congratulations to Lunatics, Lovers and Poets (aka the Friett/Frieacre family) who beat off very stiff opposition to take the title. And an honourable mention to the much-depleted wooden-spooners, the aptly named Short Straws!

The 2020 AGM

Our AGM this year was a virtual affair, delivered via Zoom on Sunday 11th October at 4pm.  More details will be published here when certainty is achieved, but

Committee rotation shows that five committee members are due to stand down this year:    Seb, Paul, Pam, Phil and Jo.

So, opportunity abounds for younger members to stride to the coal-face, discard the worn out tools of their forerunners, and build a new edifice of theatrical possibility using new methods and ideas.



Our Summer 2020 Production: The Winter's Tale

Having decided to postpone our 2020 production of The Winter’s Tale, we look forward optimistically to reviving our fortunes with the very same production in 2021. More detail will appear here as it becomes available, but in the meantime……..

Our 18/19 season.....

……was one of our most successful yet, with My Second Best Bed winning prizes and our summer production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream gathering praise from every quarter…… and let us not forget our wandering minstrels appearance at Ightham Mote…..Bard with a Beat.

Here are more ‘Dream’ images.


The Society was founded in 1997 to promote and enjoy the work of Shakespeare and his contemporaries, giving members the chance to get involved both on and off the stage. We mount a full-scale open-air Shakespeare production once a year, plus participation in Drama festivals, and we try to arrange a variety of activities during the year, such as workshops, theatre visits and social events.

Ken again, but maybe not for long.......?



YOUTUBE CONCERT: Sevenoaks Welcomes Refugees

YOUTUBE CONCERT: Sevenoaks Welcomes Refugees

Ayman Jarjour and Maya Youssef