21st Anniversary Celebration

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21st Anniversary Dinner

Saturday 27 October

Stanhope Arms Brasted

Our Shakespeare Soc was born, so writes this quill,
When divers souls the Readathon did’st dare
And, sharing deep affection for our Will,
To local Indian restaurant did repair

“These few hours of the Bard were not enough –
We must not let him languish on the page!
Let’s dramatise him, though it may be tough,
And place unperfect actors on the stage.”

Now years gone past doth number twenty one.
We’ve sundry works perform’d, from Lear to Shrew,
Indoors and out, in wind and rain and sun,
And made ourselves a motley to the view.

So for our Soc we must needs make good cheer.
Come join with us, for fun, food, wine – and beer!

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Tennis ball, my liege.......

21st Anniversary Celebration


Two households, both alike in dignity………

Two households, both alike in dignity………

The National Theatre is awakening..

Audition notice 2021

Audition notice 2021

Luvvies, prepare to question your motivation!

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