Celebration Dinner a Great Success

The SSS Celebratory Dinner on 27/10/2018 was a great success.

Our Chairman Colin writes: Thank you to all who attended and helped to make tonight’s dinner a success. The lion’s share of that appreciation goes to Jo whose contribution was massive.

Feedback received:

  • Great thanks to Jo – director, producer, designer, stage manager etc etc of a delightful and creative production!
  • Hear, hear…..It was a super evening with great company – a fitting marker of a significant milestone in the Society’s history. We’ll done, Jo!
  • And so say all of us!! Glad we were able to be with you – very well done Jo.
  • Like all the productions I can recall, it was a triumph and deserved a larger audience!!
  • A very special occasion! Do we have to wait 21 years for an encore – many of us won’t be there for that. Can we find an excuse sooner than that?
  • Hear hear! Here’s to the next 21
  • Thoroughly enjoyed it. Many thanks.
  • Well done Jo, it was a great success
  • A Shakespearean evening to remember!


And the final word from Jo:

Thank you all for your kind words, and for coming! It was definitely all worthwhile, and I did get to enjoy it myself as well …Think 25th is probably a bit soon! Maybe 30th??

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Ken again, but maybe not for long.......?

Celebration Dinner a Great Success


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