Bard with a Beat

Bard With A Beat 3

The Beat Goes On!

We are invited to to provide a concert of about an hour, or a little over, followed by a (free) meal at Ightham Mote on Nov 10th.

Karen and John will be getting together in September to decide exactly which numbers/readings we will do from our repertoire, and to send out audio tracks where necessary.

We are performing before a paying audience and the Society is being paid for our efforts. Tickets (to include the meal) are quite expensive, so they will expect the “professional” show I know we can provide. Also at stake is a promising new relationship with the National Trust, which has taken us on, er, trust…

So it is obviously essential that we put on a polished performance, and to that end we must rehearse together as a choir. So we are asking for people to give priority to our rehearsals over other and later activities for this short period. It has been worked out, (with some difficulty!) to take account, as far as is humanly possible, of people’s other known commitments e.g. shows at Riverside and the Edward Alderton Theatre. See the rehearsal plan below.

I am now away and out of communication for the whole of August, so please address any queries immediately to the excellent Jo “Ms Fixit” Groves

“Rejoice beyond a common joy!”



Archive Material

Here is Matt with his own version of ‘Sigh No More’ from the White Rock tour.

And here are recordings of the performance at Igtham Mote

Spotty Snakes:


Sonnet 73:

Shall I Compare Thee:


Ophelia’s Song:

It was a Lover:

Fear No More:

Claire’s Sonnet:

Brush Up Your Shakespeare:



The Gallery so far….but feel free to add your own images.


And some early attempts by the men at putting one foot in front of the other…

Brush up your Shakespeare

Sevenoaks Shakespeare Society in rehearsal - 'Brush up Your Shakespeare' 

It was a Lover and his Lass @ WR

Sevenoaks Shakespeare at the White Rock, Hildenboro

Fear no More (the heat o the sun) @ WR

Sevenoaks Shakespeare at the White Rock, Hildenboro

Sonnet 18@ WR

Sevenoaks Shakespeare at the White Rock, Hildenboro

OK Al, sock it to us.......

Bard with a Beat


Ray is stomping around again….

Ray is stomping around again….

Covid, schmovid! All toes please report for tapping.

A Review of  the 2021 SSS ‘WOWSA’ by an audience member

A Review of the 2021 SSS ‘WOWSA’ by an audience member

Feedback from AISLINN McSHARRY...........for which much thanks!