To Verona

Hotel Alergoleso has put together a pretty compelling tour itinerary, encompassing not only Juliet’s house and balcony, the tomb….. But also the lesser-spotted Montague house (which has a much stronger claim to historical accuracy) or the grove of sycamore trees on the western side of the city where the play first identifies Romeo as lurking, as it opens. Not to mention the monastery, or the St Peter’s Church in which Juliet was supposed to marry Paris.

They can host up to 18 people with some sharing, so if can get us some enthusiasm we could take over the place!

Perhaps we could incorporate a garden party with  a  reading of the play amongst the herbs.

Here is the hotel website, if you would like to take a look:

If you fancy a long, but not cheap,  weekend in Verona in September 2020…..Leave a comment! If there is is enough demand, who knows….!

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Go Ken!

To Verona


Hope to see you at Hever.

Hope to see you at Hever.

Heaver Ho......