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Your total budget is the maximum allocated for your department. If you need to overspend on one item, see if you can cover that from a saving on another item.

If your whole budget looks in danger of being exceeded, contact the Producer immediately. He will need to see if another department has made a saving which can compensate.

Please be aware that any payment made above the approved budget , and not agreed with the Producer, is not authorised by the Society, and reimbursement could be refused.


All transactions have to be recorded in a digital (or paper) trail which is approved by our auditor.


If anyone paying us needs an official invoice (eg for an advert in the programme) give all the details to the Treasurer and he will issue an SSS invoice.

Payments should preferably be made to us on-line. The “remittance advice” can then be an email message with details of the transaction concerned, from the payer, or from you.

If the payer does not need an official SSS invoice (which would include our bank details) please pass these on to them, to ensure they can pay direct.

Sort Code 60-19-02     Account Number 23248556

Any cheque received should be passed to the treasurer accompanied by an explanatory document: this could be:

  • a remittance advice from the payer – with details of the transaction concerned
  • a copy of our SSS invoice to the payer.
  • or simply an explanatory note from you.



Invoices for payment

The auditing principle is that the Treasurer cannot make any payment unless duly authorised.

When you receive an invoice for work/product you have ordered for the production, and before passing the invoice to the Producer for payment, please check that:

  • it shows the exact reason for the expenditure to enable it to be accounted correctly.

If the invoice is not clear please include your own explanation.

  • it shows the amount you agreed.
  • the work/product shown has been properly provided.

Please attach the scanned invoice to an email to the Producer.

If there will be no invoice issued by the supplier, simply email a request (including the three items above) and send it to the Producer for authorisation.

Normally payments will be made on-line, so please ask your suppliers to include their bank details in their invoices, or put them in your email request.

If you cannot scan the invoice, pass the original to the Producer.

Claims for expenses (Digital/Electronic Claims)

Claims should be made on the standard form available on the Society’s website, and accompanied by the supporting receipts.

Please make claims promptly. Any expenditure not claimed within three months will be deemed to be a donation to the Society.

Download the claim form at

If you are unable to send the claim digitally:

  1. Download the form, or ask the Producer or Treasurer for a printed copy.
  2. Complete the form
  • show the exact reason for the expenditure to enable it to be accounted correctly.
  • ask the Producer to sign the claim as approved.
  • show your bank details – account number & sort code – payment will be made direct.
  • attach the receipt for the purchase concerned.

Send the completed form to the Treasurer –

Nick Page, Orchard Cottage, Colets Orchard, Otford, TN14 5RA

NB No claims can be processed unless authorised by the Producer. So DO NOT submit the form until it is signed as approved.


Any cash transaction requires greater recording stringency. If you really need to pay someone in cash, you will need a receipt for the payment, or the Society cannot reimburse you.

When cash is received it should be counted by TWO people and both should sign a clear cash record – to be passed to the Treasurer.

Where small one-off sums are involved, the cash itself can also be passed the Treasurer. If you are responsible for larger sums, over a period of time, we will issue you with paying-in slips, to enable you to pay the cash into a branch of NatWest, or via a Post Office.

25 April 2017

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Production Head Briefing Notes


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