Hamlet pt 2

This comedy 4-hander, HAMLET, PART II, was the SSS entry for the Sevenoaks Drama Festival 2018 ( Sunday 4th to Sunday 11th March) in the Sevenoaks Stag Theatre Plaza Suite. The performance was the second item 10/3/18.


Rehearsals will occur ALL DAY (10-4) for 4 days: 2,5,6,8 March, and then a run-through in the venue earlier on the performance date 10/3/18. Curtain-Up is currently unclear, but we are the final presentation of the evening.

Cast will be expected to be off the book for the initial rehearsal, but we do have a gallant band of Prompts to assist us with the words:

Friday 2/3 Chris Cole

Mon 5/3 Ian Burns

Tuesday 6/3 Nick Page

Thursday 8/3 Jo Easter

Venue: Eynsford Village Hall – Darenth Room.

High St, Eynsford, Dartford DA4 0AA

url: eynsfordvh.com

Production Schedule

6/11/17 Cast Announced.

Initial get-together:  11/1/18 at 7:30, in the Bull @ Otford. 

1/3  Send out notice via email, Website. Facebook.

2/3 Rehearsal @ (inc Chris Cole Prompt & Sausage Rolls from Phil) Eynsford Village Hall – Darenth Room. 

5/3 Rehearsal @ (inc Ian Burns Prompt) Eynsford Village Hall – Darenth Room. 

6/3 Rehearsal @ (inc Nick Page Prompt) Eynsford Village Hall – Darenth Room. 

Costumes available for Afternoon session: Julian/Sandie

8/3 Rehearsal @ (inc Jo Easter Prompt + Doughnuts) 

8/3 Photoshoot during afternoon session: All/ Robert

8/3 Blitz Facebook etc with images: Julian/John/Phil

10/3 Rehearsal @  at the Plaza Suite, Stag Theatre – 3 to 4 PM*

Sat 10/3/18 – Performance. Time TBA but we are the last presentation

Sat 10/3/18 – Post Performance Celebration 

Mon 12/3/18 Return Costumes


*Each group gets one hour’s technical and please be ready to start on time. Do bring packed food and drinks if you feel it necessary – all the groups will be allocated dressing rooms on arrival.


There is a need for a single built object, locating the piece in Denmark, and imposing the royal status of the location.

This will be a self-supporting coat of arms 7 feet tall or more. Brian will build, Jo will paint, and Julian will manage/erect.


Cast & Crew


Brian Kemp – Saltazar

Rachel DeSilva – Fornia

Colin Hill – Hamlet’s Father

John Turnbull – Jester


Production – Julian Agnew

Set – Bryan Richardson and Jo Groves

Costume – Sandie Peters

Director – Phil Newton

Production & Tech

Stag Plaza Stock List for Drama Festival Any questions or additional lighting requests please contact Sam Gilham (technical manager) on Sam.Gilham@stagsevenoaks.co.uk


CD player x 1 (can play only one CD or track at one time)

3.5MM jack in (AUX lead (For I-pods &laptops etc…))

PV14 Mixer Desk (1 Aux and 1 FX Send)

Cable as needed (please try and inform us in advance so we can ensure we have the correct and enough cable)

PV 2600 Amp



ETC Element lighting Desk – allows programming of cues/ sub groups

4 x floor power feeds: 13 amp = double socket in each, 15 amp = 6 channels in each

General cover lanterns such as Berkeys

Limited number of adaptable lanterns for special effects such as gobos and spotlights, as well as hard and soft focus beams, such as Cantatas, Source 4s, Minuettes.

General cover lighting.

We have two moving head lights in the Stag Plaza now and these can be used to create moving effects.


6x 2mx1m rostra available with 1’ legs

I am happy to discuss technical requirements prior to the event with any of the performing companies so we can avoid any problems on the day.


Doreen (moving spirit) is on 01732 452602 or 0795 661 6862 or email doreen@pascall.me.

Flyer and Programme


Brian Kemp

A founder member of SSS, Brian has tripped the light fantastic on the boards for the Bard for many more years than he cares to remember. Memorable rôles for the Society have included Gloucester, Falstaff, King Henry IV and Sir Toby Belch, as well as designing, directing and producing. Having played Claudius in both Rosencrantz… and Hamlet, he is looking forward to getting his chops round Saltazar in the game of consequences that is Hamlet Part 2!‎


Phil Newton,

Phil’s directing credits include: New works ‘Clever as Paint’ at the Hen and Chickens Theatre, and ‘Henry’s Back’ at the Finborough Theatre, both pieces in collaboration with the writer.  Musicals:‘Oklahoma’,  ‘Calamity Jane’ and ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ at Furlongs Farm, Eynsford, and a new piece, ‘Jokers Last Laugh’, all for Riverside Players.  Plays include ‘Henry IV part 1’ & ‘The Tempest’ at The Stag Theatre and Comedy of Errors at the Ship, for  the Sevenoaks Shakespeare Soc; ‘Othello’ & ‘The Rover’ at The Geoffrey Whitworth theatre, the latter playing also at the  Minack Theatre in the Summer of 2002.

 Major roles for SSS productions include Petruchio in ‘Taming of the Shrew’, Shylock in ‘Merchant of Venice’ and the eponymous monarch in ‘King Lear’. He has also appeared as 14th sailor in HMS Pinafore with Kentish Opera

On Hamlet, Part II by Perry Pontac

In Hamlet Part II, Perry Pontac’s masterful parody answers a question about Hamlet that has plagued scholars, readers and playgoers for over four hundred years: “What happened next?”

A Danish ambassador returns to his home palace to hear that everything has changed in a most fatal manner, and that the very fate of his country hangs in the balance. He and the plucky librarian must act!

Perry Pontac was born in California, and has been living and writing in London for over forty years. His first play The Old Man’s Comforts was produced in 1973 by Kenneth Tynan. Since then, he has written numerous plays and sketches, including pieces for the Royal Shakespeare Company (The Shakespeare Revue) and the National Theatre (Metropolis Kabarett).

Hamlet , Part II was Written in 1992, and broadcast on Radio 3, and through it shines the affection and respect that keeps the parody on the side of the angels, never dipping into derision or disrespect.


Hamlet pt 2


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Sevenoaks Shakespeare Summer 2019 Newsletter

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See Robert’s pictures from Sunday’s rehearsal

As usual, a superb job by Robert Piwko