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Sevenoaks Shakespeare Society is open to all, we are always looking to recruit new members whether new to the boards or an old hand.

You don’t have to be an actor or even walk the boards as we need lots of stage hands and productions assistants.

We do not charge a production fee, and we try to pitch the membership fee at an easily manageable level. Indeed, we will always discuss the fee with anyone for whom it represents an obstacle to being involved.

To apply for or renew membership, please click the link Join us Today! then submit the form.

Finally, transfer your ‘subs’ using your preferred online payment app to

  • Account Number   23248556  at Sort Code  60-19-02

If you don’t bank electronically, drop us a line at and we’ll sort it out with you

Sevenoaks Shakespeare Society membership is mandatory for everyone involved in our productions, and that is mainly due to the insurance. We have a duty to protect those involved in our activities, and the scope of that protection is provided by the membership list.


Our insurers underwrite the Public Liability risk that harm is caused by our members or their actions. So, if you are not a registered member (i.e. have paid your subs.) any action by you that gives rise to a legal claim will NOT be accepted by our insurers….You’ll be on your own! That’s why we bang on about membership so often.

Similarly, only Members are covered by our Employers Liability cover, perhaps for bodily injury caused during a fight scene, or while constructing a set etc.


We insure a minimal amount of ‘stuff’ for most of the year because we own virtually nothing. During our production we pay more to insure the ‘extra stuff’ (defined according to a schedule maintained by Julian) we will be using: Technical equipment, tents, props, costumes etc. Items damaged or stolen that are NOT on this list will not be covered. So if you are bringing computers, furs, jewellery,cameras that are not insured under your house insurance, and you need covered under ours, then you need to e-mail Julian and assure yourself that the item has been included.

Mobile Phones are specifically excluded from the policy

Note: Items damaged or stolen while left unattended in the open will NEVER be covered. That is why we lock things away during the evenings.

OK Al, sock it to us.......



Ray is stomping around again….

Ray is stomping around again….

Covid, schmovid! All toes please report for tapping.

A Review of  the 2021 SSS ‘WOWSA’ by an audience member

A Review of the 2021 SSS ‘WOWSA’ by an audience member

Feedback from AISLINN McSHARRY...........for which much thanks!