Our new SSS Website

Members and Patrons will no doubt be delighted to hear that our tired and chronically tardy chronicler at www.sevenoaksshakespeare.org was consigned to virtual flames on Monday 2/10/17 at High Noon, from which inferno will rise a most magnificent new organ.

As you know, your committee is tireless in its search for leading edge technology. Having mastered putting a poster on BOTH sides of the roadside boards, your intrepid leaders are expending blood, toil, tears and sweat in the pursuit of their mastery of the WordPress application. I have to tell you now that this will lead on to the sunny uplands of frequent new material competing with the cornflakes for your attention….. The annual debate on the quantity of portaloos to be rented (with diagrams from John)…… The regular inquest into the death of yet another SSS gazebo, rendered a shapeless mess of plastic and..er…more plastic by the latest maniacal breeze…..A post-mortem into the cremation of perfectly good bangers at EVERY SSS BBQ from Pam (with charred and blackened remains for subsequent interment).

These and other snippets will be included on a regular basis in the quest for freshness and relevance! (……The website….not the committee….)

While you can see above that Masters Newton and Turnbull have required ‘correction’, I can report that satisfactory reports have been received for the majority of your committee, although the New Boy (Jewnham?…..Duneman?) has yet to be initiated, and Mistress Easter is consistently representing the school at some worthy event or other.  They shall not escape the kiss of the malacca cane should their postings fail to please!

And you too, dear reader, have a part to play. Within the new website is a widget that allows you to upload any old photos of SSS productions of yesteryear. Do we have a sepia print of Ray Russell as the Winslow boy?  Is there still a grainy black-and-white image of Bryan Richardson with hair? Find them, and share them with us please.

Hurry Hurry to www.sevenoaksshakespeare.org

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Ken again, but maybe not for long.......?

Our new SSS Website


YOUTUBE CONCERT: Sevenoaks Welcomes Refugees

YOUTUBE CONCERT: Sevenoaks Welcomes Refugees

Ayman Jarjour and Maya Youssef

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