Our Summer 2018 Newsletter

Summer is definitely icumen in so verily it must be time for our summer Shakespeare!   It’s been all hands on deck for this production,

 (particularly in Act 1 scene 1!) and we have wrought a fine piece of theatre for your delectation.

The Tempest first night: Thursday 28th June, 8pm at The White Rock Inn, Underriver, TN15 0SB

The Tempest is one of Shakespeare’s best known plays, containing beautiful poetry, knockabout comedy, wicked conspiracy and, of course, a beguiling love affair!

So dust off the fold-up chairs, grab a blanket, and book your places in the paddock ….and at the table too if you fancy one of the landlord’s excellent pre-theatre suppers.

Moving On…………..we have auditions 23 and 27 September for our Drama Festival entry: My Second Best Bed, and also our main production: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Of the first, I can inform you that the play opens with the unexpected arrival of Curate Dunstan to read the will to the family.  He makes it clear that he believes the Bard had no affection for his wife, or why else would he have left her and the family to spend most of his life in London, and, then, on his death, leave her nothing but his second best bed, but the family  agree that the curate is mistaken in his opinions regarding their father.

Susanna Hall : 34, Shakespeare’s elder daughter, a middle-aged housewife

Curate : 25-35, a self-righteous church official, has a clerical/legal mind with a modern outlook

Judith : 31, Shakespeare’s youngest daughter, somewhat bad tempered

Anne Hathaway : 60, Shakespeare’s wife, has the early onset of dementia

More details for those interested from John Turnbull via the committee email, but there will an email sent to all usual acting suspects in due course


Of the Dream I hope we need no such introduction. There will be no need for audition pieces, merely the need to turn up with  (any) 10 lines firmly learned. The production dates are not set – so those hoping to attend , watch out for the Autumn edition of this newsletter. Phil Newton should be the target of any questions / volunteering, again at mailsevenoaksshakespeare@gmail.com


Our Summer BBQ and AGM takes place at John’s house on 16 September – AGM at 1pm, barbecue and jollity will follow very soon after.

Lastly, I hope you have saved the date for our “Anniversary Celebration” on 27 October at The Stanhope Arms

Here endeth the Newsletter. Short? Sweet? Waste of time? I would be delighted to hear any opinions at the address above (Phil)

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OK Al, sock it to us.......

Our Summer 2018 Newsletter


Ray is stomping around again….

Ray is stomping around again….

Covid, schmovid! All toes please report for tapping. 0 0 votes Article Rating

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