SSS Autumn 18 Newsletter

We hope you enjoyed the stunning weather specially laid on for our run of The Tempest this summer. Drop in, catch up or reminisce with us, we’d love to have your images or remembrances.

Now, we have a packed autumn awaiting our faithful followers. First up, the annual ritual of apologising, voting and charred bangers that is our AGM and barbecue event on Sunday 16th September. For those of a more geekish disposition, the formal notice can be seen here.

It’s enormously helpful to those slogging round Sainsbury’s the day before if you could let us know you’re coming. Email Jo here. Oh, and please bring a medium sized pud or salad.

Swiftly following, the most hotly anticipated auditions of the year! Again, a double whammy as we entice you with not only A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Summer 2019) but also Second Best Bed (March 2019). Sunday 23rd and Thursday 27th September. Phil and John are looking forward to seeing as many friends as possible, and hopefully lots of people we don’t yet know, who might be keen to be involved.


At last the long awaited celebrations of our 20th – no – 21st year of being. The 21st Anniversary Dinner is at the Stanhope Arms on Saturday 27th October. Booking now open. There’s a physical limit to how many people we can squeeze into our private room, so stand not upon the order of your booking but Book Now. We shall make the upcoming hour overflow with joy, and let pleasure drown the brim!

£10 deposit will be extracted from you by some means or other, probably at the AGM – and we promise the food will be better!

Saturday 10th November marks the return of Bard With a Beat, this time in the venerable Great Hall of Ightham Mote. Tickets include a two course supper. Bookings and more info at the National Trust website here. So, if you missed us last time …




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OK Al, sock it to us.......

SSS Autumn 18 Newsletter


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The SSS AGM: 22nd August

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