SSS Newsletter: Xmas 17

Deck the halls with boughs of holly!

Yes, Christmas is just around the corner and we can look back on another successful year for the Society.

A well-attended Twelfth Night Quiz in January; a highly entertaining Bard With A Beat recital at the Sevenoaks District Drama Festival in March (with a re-run at The White Rock Inn in July); a much-appreciated production of Macbeth (which operated at a profit!) and a highly enjoyable AGM and barbecue in September.

Not that our members have finished with 2017.  Several members are taking part in the Hall Place Christmas Concert in December and plans are afoot for 2018 (see elsewhere in this issue).  May I wish every member a very happy Christmas and a peaceful, prosperous and stimulating New Year.

Colin Hill

If this is the Xmas newsletter.....

 then it must be time for the annual cudgelling of grey matter that is The Sevenoaks Shakespeare 12th Night Quiz!

The Good News is that the resident Shakesbrain (Annabel Turnbull)  and her chauffeur will NOT be attending…….so someone else has a chance to win! It could be You, stumbling out of the hall, elated, and clutching a box of chocolate fingers and the remains of the chardonnay.

So, come on all, get galvanised for 6/1/18.  Form Teams. Share intelligence.

It’s a Saturday, so Book Club, Bridge, Pilates, Mah Johng, Governor’s Council, Dogtraining, Bowls and AA meetings are all unacceptable as excuses.

6 Jan 2018 @ Otford Village Hall 7.30 for 7.45 start

Mulled Wine, Twelfth Night Cake, Lord & Lady of Misrule, prizes galore!

Bring drinks and nibbles and those mathoms that require circulation for the new year.

£5 a head on the door but Let us know you’re coming!

Latest on our 2018 Productions

Tempest, Hamlet (part II), and Bard with a Beat

All productions now have a cast, a script, and a Director. Hooray!

Colin is developing The Tempest Rehearsal Schedule and will be publishing that before the end of January. The cast contains a female lead in Prospera (played by Lucy Smith) and a female villain in Antonia, usurper of Prospera’s title, (played by Bizz Portlock). Intrigued? Surprised? Proceed forthwith to the main page to see who else will be making this a production to remember.

Breaking news is that we can now reveal the production dates at The White Rock Inn and, for the last weekend, St Briavels Castle:

First Night:
Thursday 28th June at The White Rock Inn

Friday 29th June evening
Saturday 30th June evening
Wednesday 4th July evening
Thursday 5th July evening
Friday 6th July evening
Saturday 7th July evening
Sunday 8th July matinee

St Briavels Castle:
Saturday 14th July evening
Sunday 15th July matinee

News from Hamlet Part II is that Phil has a rehearsal schedule and is circulating the scripts to ensure that the cast can learn it all ready for the first rehearsal, for we are to rehearse for four days rather than many evenings. This shorter, more condensed, schedule means we get more done provided we are ready to get down into the piece. Challenges here for Rachel Da Silva and Brian Kemp as the main protagonists. John Turnbull and Colin Hill are also cast, and we are developing a doughty band of prompts to make sure that they all stay on track.

Team Turnbull are actively considering where we might regale the public with another dollop of Shakespeare-inspired song and speech. Just the thing for any upcoming weddings or bar mitzvahs in your family.  And if you can’t wait, then you can see and hear selected items from the presentation elsewhere on this website.

WE NEED YOUR HELP as usual.  The summer event is always most demanding of the production team and we need more people to assist in all sorts of ways.

You don’t need to be as strong as Steven Fenlon, or as well endowed with gadgets as Peter Nicholson, or as technically qualified as Bryan Richardson……

We need production assistance to help Julian with specific areas of responsibility…Publicity perhaps? A bit of Desk Top Publishing to marry Images and text for the flyers, programmes and posters? A spot on the box-office rota may be up your street, or maybe a stint directing the arriving audience to the correct parking area.   And of course we are, as always, looking for a brave volunteer to fly the sound desk!  Please drop us a line if you are able to help in any way.

Come and join the Crew!

Members and Patrons will no doubt be delighted to hear that our tired and chronically tardy ‘old’ website at was consigned to virtual flames on Monday 2/10/17 at High Noon, from which inferno has risen a most magnificent new organ. Have you had a look around yet?

As you know, your committee is tireless in its search for leading edge technology. Having mastered putting a poster on BOTH sides of the roadside boards, your intrepid leaders are expending blood, toil, tears and sweat in the pursuit of their mastery of the WordPress application. I have to tell you now that this will lead on to the sunny uplands of frequent new material competing with the cornflakes for your attention….. The annual debate on the quantity of portaloos to be rented (with diagrams from John)…… The regular inquest into the death of yet another SSS gazebo, rendered a shapeless mess of plastic…more plastic by the latest maniacal breeze…..A post-mortem into the cremation of perfectly good bangers at EVERY SSS BBQ from Pam (with charred and blackened remains for subsequent interment).

These and other snippets will be included on a regular basis in the quest for freshness and relevance! (……The website….not the committee….)

And you too, dear reader, have a part to play. Within the new website is a widget that allows you to upload any old photos of SSS productions of yester-year. Do we have a sepia print of Ray Russell as the Winslow boy?  How about the early years of Ian Burns as  Conan – Barbarian?

Do send them in!

Hurry Hurry to

OK Al, sock it to us.......

SSS Newsletter: Xmas 17


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