Dido & Aeneas at the Stag, 26 October

Many of our friends, colleagues, and followers are associated with Kentish Opera, who’s unfailingly good product will again be on show.

Henry Purcell’s ‘Dido and Aeneas’ , was first performed in 1689 laying the foundation of English Opera.

Purcells poignant tale of love and loss is widely regarded as the greatest English opera of its time. Retelling the heart-breaking tale of Queen Dido of Carthage and Prince Aeneas of Troy, the opera contains some of Purcell’s most memorable music including catchy sailors songs, graceful dances and the raw emotional power of Didos deeply moving lament ‘When I am laid in earth’.

Dido, Queen of Carthage, a strong and independent woman risks everything by falling in love with the handsome Aeneas. By taking Aeneas as a lover she has compromised her previously untainted loyalty to her people and dead husbands memory. Aeneas is caught between his destiny and his love for Dido. Even though Dido has offered to make him her king he decides he must leave to fulfil his own destiny.

Purcells score explores the full scope of human emotion combined with an intimate drama that goes straight to the heart. Kentish Opera’s production is fully staged, with a full orchestra and features young soloists from major opera houses and the Kentish Opera Chorus. ]This production is directed by Terry John Bates, conducted by Robyn Sevastos with costume design by Carol Stevenson.


55 Hartfield Crescent, West Wickham, BR4 9DW, 0800 234 3320, www.kentishopera.com

THE STAG  01732 450175  www.stagsevenoaks.co.uk

Ticket Prices  £20 £16 £11

Performance commences: 8:00pm.  The performance time is estimated to be 1 h 20mins with no interval.

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OK Al, sock it to us.......

Dido & Aeneas at the Stag, 26 October


Ray is stomping around again….

Ray is stomping around again….

Covid, schmovid! All toes please report for tapping. 0 0 vote Article Rating

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Feedback from AISLINN McSHARRY...........for which much thanks!

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